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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do You Have What It Takes?

Here's the scenario..
I am on a new health focus that has certain tasks associated with it on a regular basis.
One of those tasks is to run twice per week ..40 minutes one time and 60 minutes the other.

Okay..its Tuesday night and I am sick..cough, cold, miserable. And I know I have not done my 40 minute run yet and I can't wait for the end of the week to do both of the runs back to back...well I can but I don't want to... 9:30 at night I get my running gear on after wrestling with my head about whether I do it or not..a real mind game I am having with myself. And as I am getting my running stuff on my wife says.."What are you doing? You are sick!!"

My answer..."I am discipling myself to do what needs to be done and do what others will not...that's the difference between successful people and those who are not achieving what they want."

And isn't that what is the difference between good businesses and great businesses? Doing what others won't? I go downstairs to go to my treadmill (mind you I have taken some good ole Buckleys to help ease the pain). I turn on the tv to watch the Montreal Canadians game while I am running and away I start on my treadmill.

Well here's what happened...once I got started...I actually found it quite easy. I was originally going to only go for 30 minutes but found myself doing 43 minutes (end of the hockey game)...way past my original goal by 3 minutes.

And..I felt great!! Great!!! My body felt good and my head was clear and I was proud of myself for my discipline...went to bed and had an amazing sleep.

I taught myself a lesson...Do what others won't do so I can have what others won't have.

Discipline is part of the puzzle for success.

What are your thoughts?


Ps..and the bonus is my team..the Montreal Canadians won the game!! Woo hoo!!
reLiSH Life!

Rivers Corbett
~Entrepreneur ~

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Andre said...

That's really too bad...After all that achievement Montreal won...