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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Coach Can Kick Your Butt!

So...YOU want to be an entrepreneur! Start your own business!!

I can understand why....
- follow your own dream, not someone else's
- have lots of free time
- no more boss
- you be the boss
- finally get paid what you are worth
- travel
- have your spouse not work anymore
- retire early

It all sounds great! Oh did I mention the pineapple drinks under the palm tree in the hammock.

Here's the good news. It's ALL possible! Yep...all possible.

Here's the other news! It takes time, effort and focus...notice I didn;'t say loads and loads of money. Although that

Here's the other other good don't have to figure it out yourself.

Recognize these names - Tony Robbins, Wayne Gretsky, Babe Ruth, Tom Brady, President Obama, and Donald Trump? They all have help/had in guiding them towards their success! They ALL have/had coaches in their life. They were all smart enough to recognize that although they had talent...they needed guidance in their journey to success. Yes..even Tiger Woods...from a professional stand point...has a coach! See what happens though on the other side though when you don;t have a

And so can YOU! And so MUST you! ..get a coach!

A coach for a startup entrepreneur can save so many headaches, keep you focused on being the 20% that make it to 5 years, suggest opportunity for your business for new products, ideas for marketing, cash flow suggestions, sales technique and yes...time management. How? Easy...they have been there and done that! They have been students of the journey themselves....

Now..I know what you are thinking. I can;t afford a coach. Well my answer is ...YOU CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO HAVE A COACH!'s actually quite affordable. Here's some ideas.

1. I personally offer a "new business" 3 week coaching session for $97
2. I know coaches who barter their services. One girl I know is providing her services to a fitness trainer in return for a training program. No cash actually is handed over. But...both people win.
3. The internet has opportunity with FREE webinars and conferences. Not to self promote....but I am offering people the opportunity to attend a "virtual" conference. Hang out with 12 amazing entrepreneur speakers from the comforts of your home or office. ... Only $9.97. Here's the website
4. Invite an entrepreneur to lunch once per month to "pick their brain." And don;t think they are too busy..most love to help.
5. Find help on Facebook or Twitter.

See how easy it is to get a coach? The key is to make it a part of your business plan. The key is to just get one! You cannot do this all alone...I promise you will fail if you think you can!

If you'd like to find out more about entrepreneurship and get some cool tips...feel free to contact me via my email

Here's to your success!!


Rivers Corbett

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1 comment:

Josh Hayward said...

I absolutely agree Rivers. Having a coach/mentor is an extremely important thing in business. Think about flying an airplane; You don't just jump in and figure it out, you'll probably crash and die...that is, if you can even get off the ground in the first place. You would have someone sitting beside you showing you what buttons are what, what each different gauge indicates and the function of every control. Yes you might have to pay the flight instructor a bunch of money, but it is going to ensure your success and that you ultimately get your liscence. (Without crashing or destroying the plane)

In my business, I had a ton of ideas and a huge vision of what I wnated to create, it wasn't until I hired a coach to kick me in the ass and show me which ideas were good and the path to follow that anythign actually started to happen. Now, I still have a ton of ideas everyday and my coach keeps me focused on the ones that really matter.

-Josh Hayward