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Rivers Corbett, MBA is an award winning entrepreneur, speaker, and author of "13 Fears of Entrepreneurs" He has received numerous business honors including Entrepreneur of the Year, Canada's Hottest Start-ups List and Canada's Fastest Growing Companies list through Profit magazine and most recently recognized as one of Canada's 10 Mentor RockStars.. Rivers is presently a member of Startup Canada's National Advisory Council, founding entrepreneur of StartUP Fredericton & the "Entrepreneur in Residence" at the University of New Brunswick. His real joy and expertise is being a StartUP Advisor and "zagging while everyone else zigs" his two newest businesses ventures the Relish Gourmet Burgers restaurant chain and TheRockStar StartUP for StartUP entrepreneurs. Oh... he is also the leader of a team of over 25 chefs through his other company The Chef Group. Not bad for a guy who hates to cook. Always looking for a new idea to help businesses' succeed...this is his newest marketing discovery for StartUPs The Lyoness Advantage. "Rivers is a 21st century entrepreneur, he's the one to watch" - Jim Gilbert: Canada's Huggable Car Dealer!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Gift to You - $2370.00 Per Year - Forever! saw that right. I want to give you $2370.00 and more if you want.

What could you do with $2370.00?

.... Go on a "cool" trip
.... Pay down the Visa/MC
.... Have a crazy party with your friends
.... Put it aside for the kids education
....Go on a wild shopping trip.

Here's what it is all about...and this is going out to all my friends and family

As many of you know...I coach start-up entrepreneurs. I am looking for people who want to be start-up entrepreneurs.
They can be part-time or full-time people.
It does not matter to me....

What does matter to me is helping these people by giving them a solid foundation for success...with Knowledge!
Lack of the RIGHT knowledge is exactly why start-up entrepreneurs fail...

So here's my offer to you. If you know people who would benefit from this.

I have developed an incredible mentoring system for entrepreneurs.
It's a $20,000 value of the best information entrepreneurs can get to succeed and most don't have a clue about this stuff.
It's value that will increase the success of the business by 345%

And it's available through my mentoring system for a monthly $79.00 membership fee.
Just $79.00..for access to the $20,000 value.

And here's the wild thing...I will let them try it out for a month for free. Test Drive it!

And finally here's where the $2000.00 comes in...

I will give you 50% of the $79.00 fee your referral pays for as long as that person stays
...which will be forever when they understand the value of my system.

So refer just 5 people to me....ANYTIME...this is not a deal that has to be completed within 30 days.
Just keep it in mind...and if you run across someone who you think would benefit from it....just send them to me.

Here's what they get

Our $20,000 Marketing Program – You Get For Only $79 Per Month Includes:

'Our 5 Step Proven Profit Formula' explained, in Cracker-Jack detail, via 5 hours of pre-recorded live audio in a seminar conducted by Karl Bryan in Vancouver, Canada. Over 100 ways to profit listed and explained in mouth-watering detail... and it is all yours with your TEST DRIVE!

'Our 13 Proven Steps to Marketing Success'. Karl Bryan un-cut, un-censored via video in an 8 hour, step-by-step Marketing Workshop. Material includes the most successful Unique Selling Propositions of all time and how, you too, can use them to Jack-UP your Marketing ROI.

52 Weekly E-classes delivered each week to only the wise and profitable! 'Our Proven 5 Step Formula' brings you a complete E-Lesson each and every week for you to "clone" and make your own - Including many success stories we get emailed constantly... and we have some DOOZIES lined up. Once you belong, you'll see what happens every step of the way. Expect your weekly cutting-edge eLearning system to provide you and your business quality education, resources, tools and templates to get and stay on top while CRUSHING the competition!

30 Hours of High-End un-cut and uncensored Video from the most powerful marketing minds on the planet (presently!)! Videos Include; 7 Figure Internet Code, How to Get $1,000,000.00 of FREE Publicity, The quickest and Easiest way to 1 million in Sales, How to Make $50,000/month on Ebay, 101 Low Cost No Cost Lead Generation Techniques, Killer Copywriting and Persuasive Marketing Tools, How to get Published and Virtually Guarantee a Best Seller, Selling from the Platform, Effortless Wealth, How to Smash through Mental Roadblocks to Success, Auto-pilot Marketing and much more. Speakers and resource material contributors include business and marketing legends; Jay Abraham, Michael Gerber, Rich Schefren, Steve Covey, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin, Mal Emery, Paul Hartunian, Joel Bauer, John Childers, Ted Nicholas, Karl Bryan, Dale Beaumont, Ali Brown (E-zine Queen), Paul Blackburn, Napolean Hill, Bill Gates, Jack Welch and many others.

Multiple Case Studies where we have assisted businesses just like yours (Accountant, Carpet Cleaner, Realtor, Hockey Rink in Australia, Business Incubator, Family Restaurant, Lawn Mowing Company, Local Supermarket, Magazine Publisher, Magician, Mortgage Broker, Music Teacher, Oil and Gas Company, Personal Trainer plus more) to increase their profits instantly by thinking strategically and providing a roadmap so straight-forward it is fill-in-the-blank easy!

52 Business Book Summaries of some of the greatest Books ever written (Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Why We Want You to Be Rich by Trump/Kiyosaki, Getting Everything You Want-Jay Abraham, The EMyth Revisited, The Richest Man in Babylon, The Tipping Point, Freakonomics, Purple Cow, Winning and more...) containing over 400 pages of special thought provoking business insights and strategies by some of the greatest business operators of all time!

The 59 Most Successful Sales Letters ever written FREE with your eLearning System. Read sales letters that built Newsweek, Time magazine, Business Week, Mercedes Benz, Mastercard, Timex (many of these are still used today - 20 years later) and many more to use as leverage for your own piece that makes customers water-at-the-mouth and beg you for your time.

The Most Profitable Headlines Ever Written and you too can make tails wag with your Introduction. Any marketing consultant worth their salt will tell you a headline is hugely powerful to promote your business. The one and only Jay Abraham provides a full-blown explanation of each and exactly why they worked so well and how, you too, can use them for profit.

How to Build a Joint Venture Army in 22 Days or Less! Another amazing series of documents FREE with your eLearning system... Including MAVERICK JV partner and recruiting partner methods and letter plus, the simple and closely guarded secrets for hand-picking the JV partners that bring hordes of responsive, targeted prospects to the other end of your phone.

5 people paying $79.00 per month equals
$2370.00 per year for you!

10 people - $4740.00
20 people - $9480.00

btw 1 person referred will give you close to $500.00. 1 PERSON!!!

...well you get it.

Thanks for keeping this in mind!!


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